Recent clients and partners include:

National Government
Public Intelligence has provided evaluation, programme reviews or management development to the following national governments:

  • Welsh Government
    Welsh Government
    Evaluation of spending programmes, policy advice and evidence reviews
  • Tunisian Government
    Tunisian Government
    Capacity building and learning and development
  • Kosovan Government
    Kosovan Government
    Study tour and professional development on performance management.


Local Government
Public Intelligence has undertaken research in leadership and frontline practice in a wide range of UK local governments:

  • London Borough of Lewisham
    1st September 2016
  • Lincolnshire County Council
    1st September 2016
  • Cardiff City Council
    1st September 2016
  • Fife Council
    1st September 2016
  • Coventry City Council
    1st September 2016


Research, Consultancy or Policy Development
Public Intelligence has been commissioned to provide research, consultancy or policy development for the following bodies:

  • Local Government Association
    11th September 2016
    11th September 2016
    11th September 2016
  • APSE
    11th September 2016


Strategic Advice
Public Intelligence has provided strategic advice to the following:

  • Newton Europe
    11th September 2016
  • Cornerstone
    11th September 2016
  • St Andrew’s University
    11th September 2016
  • Bloomberg
    11th September 2016