Public Intelligence provides strategic advice on service re-design, policy research, consultancy and market analysis. In addition, PI works with private sector clients who wish to understand local government and public services better. PI’s existing clients come from public, private and voluntary (charity) sectors.

Strategic advice
PI work with leaders in government and business to develop strategic thinking and to plan future development. By supporting and challenging existing plans, approaches and ways of thinking PI enables leaders to reframe and rethink their way forward.
Public affairs
PI advices a small number of outstanding companies in how to develop and position their business in the government marketplace. PI helps organisations to understand their current reputation and brand perceptions and works to influence their strategic positioning through raised awareness and key relationship building.
Policy research
PI works with government bodies and business partners to develop policy ideas and thought leadership. We are also commissioned to support and challenge the policy development process within government through evidence review and providing external, independent challenge.
People development
PI design and deliver development programmes for a range of international and local government bodies as well as for higher education and business partners. Programmes include multi-year leadership development programmes as well as intensive study tours and syllabus development.
Service reviews and deep dive consultation
Deploying a range of research methods, including qualitative and ethnographic techniques, PI generates insight and intelligence into service outcomes and necessary improvements. PI’s approach uses logical and dynamic analysis of inherent models and assumed theories of service delivery to surface issues for learning, improvement and development.